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There is no holy grail about how long you sleep. Currently, many health groups recommend 7–9 hours of sleep for healthy adults and more for children. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute recommends 7 to 8 hours, while the National Sleep Foundation recommends 7 to 9 hours for adults. Other studies have shown that the ideal number is 7 hours. And while many people think older people need less sleep, scientists say they need it just as much as young adults.

The real answer is that it is slightly different for each of us because our bodies have different…

Silence has the power to make and break you

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You all have heard about being silent in your lives several times, at home, in class, in cinema, in meetings and many more. Basically, silence is the absence of sound that attracts your attention towards itself and diverts you from the actual point of focus. We all use silence as an expression to hide our emotions as well.

In relationships you mostly use it to hide pain, anger or your frustration, this silence is very harmful and is exactly the opposite of the Silence you practice in Mindfulness, to listen to your thoughts — what is going on inside you…

Happiness will fill your life.

The process of being mindful with mindfulness is not a psychological process. This has nothing to do with your memory, basically it is a life process or simply put it is an existential process.

You can only be in mindful state when you allow yourself to be just a piece of life that you are, nothing more or nothing less. In mindfulness practice we do many things and one of the most important of all is observing silence, meaning to simply shut up. But shutting your mouth is only half the job done.

If you want to become mindful in…

Are you mindful or mind-full?

The main cause of happy life is within you. Dalai Lama

What is Mindfulness and what does it mean to you? Mindfulness is basically a change in the way that you pay attention, but through this slight shift your whole world can transform from the inside out. When it comes to mindfulness there are two things, one understanding it and second knowing it directly in your own experience.

Now you might not understand mindfulness as an idea or a concept yet, but I can promise you that you have already experienced it in your life…

It’s your life, who else would change it?

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One good thought can change your life in seconds!

I often get asked, why is my life is like this or why I’m in this situation? And my simple answer to these questions is that your life and situations are the reflection of your thoughts and actions. Or simply put, your life is the manifestation of where you have focused your energy throughout your life. …

Nobody can heal you better than you.

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“Only you can heal yourself. No one understands your pain better than you.”

Since childhood we are made to believe that comfort for our pains lies outside of us, in parents, sibling, uncles/aunties and friends. As grown-ups, we still look for these comforts in others. This has become a human nature to expect comforting and calming of oneself in situations that bring pain and anxiety should come from outside, from others. But we fail to understand that the pain, the discomfort in within us, only we can heal this. …

Are relationships these days any more than a transaction?

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To me relationships have always been a subject of understanding, research, reflection and thought. What I see is that these are very strange in every aspect whether it is personal or social. These are very hard to understand, but what I have seen is that a true and genuine relationship is very simple and straightforward. Because true relationships are free of expectations, they are pure love and bliss. Nothing is expected from you return, none of the worldly drama. Presence of this in life is magical, not even a word needs…

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Life Lesson — Life Purpose!

“Love the life you have; it is the only life you have!”

Every one of us on this earth who is alive and is availing the opportunity of being part this global family is definitely born with a hidden gift, the gift that has to be uncovered and when uncovered it becomes your life purpose. This life purpose brings a new dimensional shift in you, in your behaviour, in your personality and in you as a human being, you fall in love with your life and your life purpose.
Finding your life purpose is just the…

Bhupinder Sandhu

Life Lesson — Breath!

Breath has been at the centre of several meditation practices is several forms from thousands of years. In Vedic and Yogic times people used to hold their breath to prolong their lives. Buddha used it as the core of the Mindfulness practice, meaning being present in the NOW moment. Some religions ask the followers to meditate the lords name with every single breath. Breath had been given utmost importance in every religion because from my understanding it is the only reality of life, everything else is a history or a dream.

I have been practicing myself…

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Life Lesson — Simplicity!


We are living in the most materialist age in human history and the times when being the most comfortable is seen as a blessing. But are, we the happiest generation of all times despite all the physical comforts?? Still, there are part on this planet which still don’t have all the facilities but my reader, you who have a smartphone and Facebook downloaded are fortunately and unfortunately not one of them.

With all the comforts came anxiousness…

Bhupinder Sandhu

Speaker|Author|Coach — Author of Bestseller — The Self-Esteem Formula & most read Mindfulness writer on Quora.

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