Fear and Questions!

What are you afraid of in life?

We have hundreds and hundreds of questions floating in our head all the time, some come to the screen of our mind and other stay in the background. Some questions are simple and straight forward, other could cause anxiety and fear in us.

What, if I lose my job? What will happen if nobody loves me?

Teenagers (even adults) are head asking; Is it really tough to move on if your love rejects you? And others are afraid that they would hurt their parent’s feelings and expectations if they choose to live life on their own terms, the way they want.

Our mind is always creating thoughts full of fear for the future (imaginary); How will I survive in this competitive world if I fail in the exam? What will I do, if I don’t get good grades? How will I buy a big house?

I had a big scare factor in my head for long time that “How audience will react if they found out that I’m nervous and don’t say anything during the assembly speech?” These thoughts would create a great stage fear in me, but there was never single chase when had nothing to say on stage. But these thoughts were there before every speech for a very long time.

The most classic one “How would I look, when I fully lose my hair?”

We always are fearful of losing materialistic possession, subconsciously considering opinions of others and society more seriously, than to logically consider the important decision of our life.

Overall, we are full of greed, desiring materialistic things all the time, self-centred at most times, and core motive for us to achieve success is to dominate and impress upon other people by achieving more than them.

Most of us go through life without realising and finding the true purpose of our life. My aforementioned attitude towards life has changed after facing lots of hurdles, experiences, challenges, and multiple failures and wins in life.

I had been meditating for years almost 20, but my very first deep realisation about life started when I started teaching Mindfulness and practices with my students for long hours during Mindfulness retreats in the lap of nature in the forests of Norfolk.

This has given a birth to a new human inside me and old selfish me has been buried deep down.

Now I believe that I have arrived at a place in life where loss of materialistic possessions of the world doesn’t bother me, whether it’s business, fame, money, respect, status ……………

When you have nothing to lose in this world, fear disappears, and freedom becomes your second nature. You are light feather and flying all the time.

All of sudden there is change, an internal change as everything in the outer world still remains the same. I feel that my self-created fears are disappearing, life is becoming simple and mind is mostly calm and quiet.

Hope that you realise that most of the fears are self-created and you are able to get better of them sooner than later.



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