What are relationships these days?

Are relationships these days any more than a transaction?

To me relationships have always been a subject of understanding, research, reflection and thought. What I see is that these are very strange in every aspect whether it is personal or social. These are very hard to understand, but what I have seen is that a true and genuine relationship is very simple and straightforward. Because true relationships are free of expectations, they are pure love and bliss. Nothing is expected from you return, none of the worldly drama. Presence of this in life is magical, not even a word needs to be said as it is not formed out of any materialistic expectations. These type relationships are very rare and only few are lucky enough to have one.

Most people are in relationships because of some expectations, they connect with others for wealth, power, or influence, it is only to gratify their personal self-interest. These relationships are missing the basic virtue of truthfulness and does not last very long. Relationships formed on agenda are destined to break, they will not last long. Some say the true relationships are the relationships of soul, but I hesitate to accept this philosophy, because the ones own have seen their soul or met their soul are just pure love and bliss, they don’t see others any different from them, and there are very few of this kind, 1 in millions.

Basically, in true nature of creation we all are soul mates as we are created by the ONE, the ONE lives in all of us. But none of us understand this fact, none of us know this reality. The day you become aware of this; all your relationships would be formed out of love.

What we see and have in our daily lives are the relationships that are hollow, we know that these are hollow but still carry them. I ask you why? What is stopping you from dropping this hollow off your head and walk freely? You need to look inside yourself and see, what fills you, nurtures you and completes you, what makes you who you are, the real you and drop the rest. Once you drop the dead weight, you would be able to fly. You have a choice either walk with dead weight over your head or fly without wings.

These days friendships and courtships are mostly based on financial gains, the open secret investigation that goes on in the name of knowing each other makes me laugh. How can you know someone in few days, months, or years? We humans are ever changing, nothing is constant in this life. We all know the life spam of these type of relationships, that is why dating sites are on the boom. We need to bring sincerity of old days back into every relationships, the days when people left their homes unlocked, and we these days do not have the courage to leave our phones unlocked. And we call ourselves the generations of the brave, educated, elite and privileged, who want to conquer the world but have lost ourselves. We are the generation who is living in illusion, far from reality.

When you love someone, love them for who they are, don’t be selective. I love your this and this, but I don’t love your that and that. This is not love because love is either all or none.

Firstly, fall in love with yourselves before you try to love others, be real you and let other be who they are. The beauty of true relationships is embracing the uniqueness of others because we all are made unique.

“When a relationship is all about profit, the heart will always be hollow!”

Speaker|Author|Coach — Author of Bestseller — The Self-Esteem Formula & most read Mindfulness writer on Quora.

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